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Post by Lacey Black on Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:19 am

Full Name: Lacey Nora Black
Nickname: Lace, Als, Al
Age: 17
Birthdate: April 16
Birthplace: Galway, Ireland
Current Home: Venice, Italy
Blood Purity: Half


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Most of the time soft curls
Eye Color: Bright blue
Height:5 foot
Body Type: not too skinny nor big
Dress Style: whatever she is in the mood for
Other: I like cheese Smile (that's all I could think of to write! Don't judge me)


Likes: Laughing, singing, writing, acting, drawing, being laid back, dancing.
Dislikes: Rude people, fights, conflict of any sort, annoying people, bossy and pushy people, and rude admins that think they own anything. (Mel. . . KIDDING. I love you with all my ten toes, deary!!Very Happy )
Strengths: Anything with art, dueling (wand), school, any kind of book, dancing, eating, and snogging Sirius Black. (haha. . . I love you Melly. . .) xD
Weaknesses: Conflict, Potions, Arithmacy, being serious


Family: The Black Family (and no. . . snogging Sirius is not incest! xD)
Personal: Mother was killed when she refused to join Death Eaters, father is in hiding and sent Lacey to Pigfarts for safety.


Father: Ignieus Penchis Black (pure)
Mother: Emily Rose Decker (muggleborn)
Siblings: only child
Other: Harvey -House elf


Wand: Vinewood; 11 1/2; Dragon heartstring
Pet: Ashi; male; Giant Black Wolf

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: Happy, outgoing, fun, and sarcastic

which order would you have these words: Family, Friends, Money. (The
word that is the first being the most important to you, and the last the
least important.)

Favorite planet of these: Venus, Jupiter or Pluto?: PLUTO Razz
Lacey Black
Lacey Black

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