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General Information

Full Name: Lizzie Morgan Otten
Nickname: Liz
Age: 13
Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales
Current Home: Mars Very Happy
Blood Purity: Pureblood


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: medium length, straight
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'0
Body Type: Thin.
Dress Style: Casual, usually jeans and a shirt
Other: (optional)


Likes: Ice cream, pranks, and flying.
Dislikes: Pure blood extremists, vegetables, and homework.
Strengths: Flying, getting away with stuff, being sneaky.
Weaknesses: Spaces out, clumsy, blabbermouth.


Family: Lizzie was born to a normal Pureblood family, some would call them 'blood traitors', the associated with Muggles, quite a lot actually. They lived in a Muggle neighborhood for a long part of Lizzie's life, which made her more comfortable around muggles, and their technology.

Personal: Lizzie is a little too open, not having any siblings she got used to spending a lot of time with her parents, and announces everything she does. She used to (and sometimes still does) go on little adventures and ends up who knows where.


Father: Oliver Otten
Mother: Caroline Otten (nee Davids)
Siblings: None.


Wand: 11 inches, Chestnut, dragon heartstring.
Pet: Pygmy Puff, Cotton candy.

Sorting Quiz:
Describe yourself in four words: Adventurous, clumsy, sarcastic, and lazy.

In which order would you have these words:Family, Friends, Money.

Favorite planet of these: Jupiter
Lizzie Otten
Lizzie Otten

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